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hi hi ^ ^

        Jonah woke into a world torn in darkness. Long ago a shade had waged war and won on the planet Nesimi. He sat up, rubbing his eyes in the stillness of the morning. He grabbed a small candle and a box of matches on the nightstand next of him. Striking a match as he put his slippers on, he made his way to the door. His house was small, and made of Tanglewood, a type of gargantuan tree that was abundant in Nesimi.

    As Jonah stepped out into the early morning air, he lit the small candle and shook out the match. He rose the candle above his head and began his patrol. Jonah had grown up on a routine, and even after his parents passed on, he continued his routine daily. He would wake up long before the eclipse rose over Nesimi and take his candle from his nightstand. Lighting the candle as he stepped out, he would turn left and clear the area around his house. This was normally easy, as the creatures of shade hated the light. When out of the light, the creatures of shade were invisible, but in the light one could see every detail. Every creature of shade was unique, but all were equally deadly.

    Jonah’s thoughts were interrupted about half way around his house by rustling in the falling leaves. He spun around, raising his candle. His eyes scanned the brush for any glimpse of the noise’s cause. More movement erupted from the brush as someone emerged. They were not human like Jonah, but instead they were more of a tree, another victim of the sap. The sap of a Tanglewood tree was highly deadly, as it slowly, and agonizingly transformed the drinker into a tree. Yet people still drank it, some for power, others addiction, more and more humans fell victim to the sap’s curse.

    His skin was dark brown, and cracked like bark. It cracked more and more as he moved, his yellow eyes glazed with pain. His clothes were ragged, and snagged on his skin as he moved, and his dark green hair hung like vines in his face. He struggled through the bushes and looked at Jonah.

    “Jonah! I thought you’d be here.” He said, his voice shaking slightly.

    “Hello Noauth.” Jonah replied, lowering his candle.

    Noauth moved up to him and hugged him. Jonah awkwardly returned the hug, keeping his candle away from Noauth’s wooden skin. When Noauth released him, he turned to continue his routine. Noauth jogged after him, wincing slightly as he moved. Jonah heard the creaking wood behind him and slowed down, not quite stopping though. He was already behind schedule.

    “Jonah wait! I have to talk to you.” Noauth called to him. Jonah stopped and turned around.

    “What is it?” He said coldly.

    “Well, first d-do you have any sap with you?” Noauth asked looking at his candle. Jonah looked at him sharply.

“No. I will not feed your addiction Noth, look what it’s done to you.” He said and turned to leave again.


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Thank you for the watch Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
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Oh no problem, your art is amazing ^ ^
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